Providing your staff with an insurance, savings, and financial education benefits scheme helps you attract and retain great talent.

It’s no secret that great employees are a huge asset to any company. As an employer, you want to attract and retain the best staff. You also want to boost productivity and engagement amongst your workforce. An essential part of this is offering them an attractive benefits scheme.

Our specialist Employee Benefits Team can work with you to design a scheme that meets the needs of you and your employees. We’ll give you advice on the different savings and insurance products you can offer, and administer your chosen scheme once it’s in place.

We also provide financial literacy workshops for your team, which is a great opportunity to help them on their own journey towards financial independence and security. Our partnership with you helps you strengthen your partnership with your team.


We’re helping St Andrews College to look after their employees

Having an employee benefits package in place can make a huge difference to the wellbeing of your staff. Find out how it’s benefitted the employees of St Andrew’s College.

For over 30 years, St Andrews College has had an employee benefits package in place. This provides their staff members with health insurance, life insurance, income protection and superannuation options such as KiwiSaver. Every staff member receives these benefits automatically.

As a caring employer, St Andrews College has peace of mind that their employees will be looked after during life’s major events, such as death, long-term illness, or reaching retirement. Thanks to the income protection benefit, their valued staff members have been able to return to work after a long illness, having received a regular income while they recovered. In instances where they haven’t been able to return, they have qualified for disability or death benefits, which support them and their families during a difficult time.

Thanks to the support that our Employee Benefits Team provides to St Andrews College, they are able to offer the package to their staff without having to administer it themselves - we take care of that for them.

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