You are retired, and now you are looking forward to sitting back and enjoying everything you worked so hard for.

Once you stop working, you want to be confident that you can maintain a comfortable lifestyle. You have got time to take up the hobbies and leisure activities you have always wanted to do. Perhaps you want to travel somewhere new, or visit family and friends overseas.

Without the regular income you have been used to in the past, it’s important that your assets and investments work hard for you, so you can do all the things you had planned without compromising your standard of living. It’s also important that you continue to protect yourself so that you can avoid extra expense if you experience an unwelcome event.

Camelot can help you to ensure that you achieve the very best results from your savings, and also that you still have the right level of protection for yourself and your family. Working together, we will give you the tools to craft a long and happy retirement.

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The key to a comfortable retirement is great advice and a sound financial plan

At Camelot, we’re here to help you work out your retirement goals and help you achieve them. One of our clients tells how Camelot adviser Phil helped him realise his dreams.

About 25 years ago I was made redundant with a golden handshake, which I wanted to invest wisely. I was referred to financial adviser Phil Harris to get some sound advice. Phil took the time to explain how an investment portfolio would work for me, and then generated some examples on his computer. I was particularly impressed to be presented with realistic, objective figures and charts to plot the actual percentage returns within a projected range and compare it with long-term objectives. We then spoke about retirement for me and my partner, discussed what our goals were, and what we needed to do to achieve them. From this emerged an investment plan that was tailor-made for our unique circumstances and future lifestyle goals. 

My partner and I were very impressed with the way Phil objectively presented and discussed the principles of investing, listened to our personal financial expectations and finally presented us with a “tailor-made” managed portfolio, without any of the “hard sell” approaches we had experienced from other advisors. This meeting was the first of many and the start of a long financial journey for both of us. Over the years he’s helped us fine-tune our plan to get the most out of it. There have been ups and downs as the global economy changed, but on no occasion did we lose any of our capital input. Overall, the portfolio has performed magnificently and up to our original expectations.

My partner and I are now retired, and we are fully reliant on our investments to supplement our superannuation and maintain our quality of life. Over the years we have always felt that we were getting a first class investment service from Phil and the financial groups he has represented.

Initially, we had placed our trust in Phil to take good care of our money, and we have been grateful that our trust has been fully honoured. 

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