You are laying the foundations for your life, like getting married, buying a house, or having children. All the expensive, responsible stuff.

This is the stage in your life when you’ll be making some of your biggest commitments and taking on the most responsibility. You’ll also be spending the most money. Whether you are entering into a long-term relationship, buying a house, or having a baby, it’s a huge step to take. It’s really important to get the financial elements of these decisions right.

Your first home becomes your biggest asset, but it’s usually bought with your biggest debt. With all that extra responsibility stretching the household budget, it can be a challenge to balance the priorities of managing debt and saving for the future, right at the time when it’s most important.

Camelot is with you all the way to help you make the best choices about how to protect your home, yourself, your family and your savings – at a time when there’s less in the budget to cover it. We make sure that you have the right advice to adjust to your changing circumstances while still building towards the future.

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How we helped Suzie buy her first home

Sometimes it can seem like your first home is unattainable, but with the right advice, it might be closer than you think. Learn how we helped Suzie to achieve her dream.

At Camelot, we help first-home buyers all the time and usually, it’s fairly straightforward. But sometimes we come across a situation that is extra challenging.

This was the case for Suzie. Years of studying to be a doctor and gaining a master’s degree had left her with a large student loan and mentally burned out. She was working part-time for a small salary and spending much of that on rent. She desperately wanted to buy her own home, but she didn’t meet the standard criteria for obtaining mortgage finance.

We worked with Suzie to find out more about her financial situation and were able to involve her mother as a co-borrower. We also helped her to apply for a KiwiSaver withdrawal and a Housing New Zealand HomeStart grant, to boost her deposit. Using our market knowledge, we found Suzie a lender who was interested in taking on young customers who had good future earning potential. They not only approved her mortgage but made a contribution towards her costs and gave her a discounted fixed rate.

By working with us and getting our expert advice and knowledge, Suzie was able to achieve her goal of buying a home.

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