You have a lot going on! You’re juggling kids, careers, and a mortgage while building towards a comfortable future.

You are busier in this stage of your life than you have ever been. The kids are involved with school and sport, your career is in full swing, and you are still dealing with your mortgage. You may be looking for a larger house as your family grows. It’s likely that you are earning more now than you ever have, but you are probably also aware that retirement is creeping closer. There’s a lot competing for your attention and you don’t always have time to deal with everything.

It’s during this stage that you need the most protection for yourself and your family, to make sure everyone is looked after in the event that something goes wrong. You also need to start thinking about making the most of your earning potential as you plan for retirement.

At Camelot, we can help you with all of those things. With a full range of financial advice, we will assist you to focus on your top priorities - upgrading your house, having the right insurance, or creating the retirement you really want. We’ll work with you long-term so you always have the right advice to achieve your goals.

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Protecting yourself and your family gives you peace of mind as you grow together

Having a plan in place to protect yourself and your family can make all the difference when you’re faced with a life-changing diagnosis. Find out how Camelot adviser Hans helped Murray and Steph overcome the odds with personal protection insurance.

Murray and Steph have been together for 19 years and have two lovely daughters. Camelot adviser Hans has been looking after them for 15 of those years, and during a review of their financial plan advised them to take out an optimal package of life, income protection and trauma cover. At the time Murray was sceptical that it was necessary, especially as he was a very fit, keen bike rider.

However, after returning from the holiday of a lifetime in Europe, Murray collapsed and was diagnosed with an aggressive form of lymphoma (cancer) which resulted in 13 rounds of chemotherapy over five years. Murray and Steph immediately called Hans, thinking they could claim around $30,000. Hans helped them through the process, and they were delighted to discover that, thanks to their comprehensive plan, their payout was actually $597,000. This enabled them to pay off their home and enjoy the security and peace of mind of having extra money in the bank during Murray’s illness.

When Murray was eventually diagnosed as being terminally ill, they were able to spend the next few months making memories: a family trip to the USA, renewing their wedding vows, and having a huge party with all their friends. Then, unexpectedly, hope arrived in the form of a risky stem cell transplant operation in Melbourne. It was successful, and now Murray has recovered and returned to work part-time. His income protection continues to cover him, ensuring the family is well cared for. They have set their daughters up financially, and now both girls have their own comprehensive protection plans. Their futures are assured thanks to astute planning and Camelot’s help.

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